Life Long Learning

The Life Long Learning Programs, available to Menorah Park Campus clients and residents, offer a wide variety of structured, enlightening, and stimulating opportunities for continual learning. Please refer to our LifeLong Learning Booklet for greater details.


The David P. Miller Computer Center is senior friendly and offers structured and independent learning opportunities for the residents of the Menorah Park Campus. There are13 computers and a large wall mounted screen for instruction. Basic computer skills are taught free of charge.


Our free Distance Learning Program provides residents the opportunity to be students, learning and interacting with instructors from across the country without ever leaving campus. Computer technology enables the broadcast of live classes on a large screen. Instructors and students can see and speak to each other. Once a week, students view interesting sites and materials from the instructor’s location at venues such as art museums, chamber music groups, planetariums, science centers and more.


Learning Getaways occur twice yearly, when students travel away from the Menorah Park Campus for an all day retreat at an institution of higher learning to interact with four lecturers who speak on a variety of topics.  Environmental issues, religion, politics and the arts are a few. Residents must be independent for the day, or have a personal aide. There is a fee for this program. Lunch and transportation are included.


Rose Institute for Life Long Learning is a campus college program available to residents and their families. It offers a choice of six to eight classes per semester, covering diverse topics ranging from famous first ladies in American history to Yiddish humor. Classes are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 2:00 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. in the Miller Boardroom at Menorah Park.  There is a nominal fee for this program. Click here to see a list of Winter Courses.


Scholar on Campus brings nationally recognized scholars and educators from across the country to the Menorah Park Campus to make presentations on their areas of expertise in each of the residence buildings over the course of a few days. A reception follows each presentation. This program is free of charge.