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 CDC Beachwood – Centers For Dialysis Care

dialysisCDC Beachwood on the Menorah Park Campus is available to community members in need of dialysis. The 5,000 square foot, non-sectarian, full-service dialysis center is equipped with twelve full-service dialysis stations. In the interest of client comfort, each station is equipped with a flat screen television, heated dialysis chairs and wireless internet access. The CDC has flexible day and evening appointment times to accommodate busy schedules and effectively serve the special needs of clients.

The CDC on the Menorah Park Campus will serve clients in the eastern suburbs, post-hospital rehabilitation clients and Campus residents who require dialysis. We are delighted to have the capacity to conveniently offer quality care four shifts a day, six days a week. The on-site center alleviates the challenges in being transported to and from dialysis centers off-site, especially during times of harsh weather. Easy access through an indoor walkway connecting the new dialysis facility directly to Menorah Park’s Marcus Rehabilitation Center, reduces weather concerns.

Both non-profit organizations, Menorah Park and Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC), have like missions; to provide innovative services in response to the changing health care needs of our community. With the help of nephrologist and CDC Beachwood Medical Director, Dr. Ari Mosenkis and his partner Dr. Jeffrey Lautman, our mission will turn into a reality.

dialysis chair

For more information regarding scheduling with CDC and the new dialysis center on the Menorah Park Campus, call Janine Rosenthal, MSW at (216) 229-6170 ext. 157 or

If you need transportation to and from your dialysis appointment, Menorah Park Trasnportation Service can help.


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