Alex & Sally Siegel Bikur Cholim Room at Menorah Park

The Bikur Cholim Hospitality Room at Menorah Park was recently recognized by the national Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS) for Program Excellence and by LeadingAge Ohio for Excellence in Service: meeting a real need, especially for visitors from out of town. The room, located near Menorah Park's second floor Home Health offices, provides a quiet place for rest and reflection during visits with residents at Menorah Park, The R.H. Myers Apartments, Stone Gardens Assisted Living and Wiggins Place.

This room will be available to anyone, but is especially significant for observant family members, especially those from out-of-town who need access to the essentials of religious life while spending time with their loved ones. Food and snacks are at the highest level of kashrus with support of Bikur Cholim of Cleveland.


To gain access to the locked room, a guest must check in at the front desk for the key-lock code. Director of the Spiritual Living Department Rabbi Avraham Cohen and Associate Rabbi Howard Kutner are also available to assist guests.

Our goal is to best support the needs of our entire community with a beautifully appointed guest room that includes:

  • prayer and ritual items
  • dining, seating and resting areas
  • food at the highest level of kashrus
  • reading and writing materials
  • private bathroom
  • enclosed porch
  • Eruv surrounding the entire campus

Offering our community members a location for:

  • meals and snacks at the highest level of kashrus
  • Shabbos and Yom Tov meals delivered by Bikur Cholim
  • quiet prayer and study
  • respite when visiting loved ones on campus

Rabbi Howard Kutner


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